The Teaching Panel

The Next Evolution in Digital Classroom Management

Teaching Panel Teaching Panel Teaching Panel

Take your content experience to the next level.

Learni's solution is the missing link in the educational ecosystem of the 21st century.

Our teaching panel is the most powerful and simplest solution for delivering publishers' content in digital 1:1 classrooms.

Learni is for

Learni Process


Content Enhancement

  • Import any type of content Import any type of content (HTML5, PDF, SCORM etc.)
  • Add contextual interactivity layers Polls and questions encourage active student contribution in class, and discuss results
  • DRM support DRM support

Teaching Panel

  • Keep control Know what your students are doing on their devices
  • Encourage Participation Use activities to get a classroom discussion going or select specific students for contribution.
  • Personalize Instruction See right away which students need help

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