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Mr. Wells, 4th Grade Teacher

Mr. Wells, 4th Grade Teacher

"With Learni, I am able to manage my classroom and focus more on teaching."
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Sarah, 6th Grade Student

Sarah, 6th Grade Student

"I feel more excited to learn in class with Learni."
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Mrs. Thomson, Primary School Principal

Mrs. Thomson, Primary School Principal

"I would recommend Learni in a heartbeat. I already have!"
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Feature Highlights

Content Toolbox

Learni’s content toolbox provides teachers with complete teaching tools for everyday use.

Curriculum Compliance

Teachers comply to the required core curriculum while still being creative.

Creative Lessons

Teachers create creative lessons using the Learni Creator to boost student curiousity.

Engaging Learning

Learni’s in-class social network allows for easier teacher-student & teacher-parent communication.

My Day

Learni’s organizational tool to help you manage your school day (assignments, courses, schedule & administration)

Control Your Class

Magnitize your students to your lesson plan as you teach on the Learni platform.

Real-time Assessment

Assess your students in real time with assignements and homework.


Quick and easy access to current and past courses and lesson plans.


Monitor and analyse class statistics.

1:1 & Group Learning

Choose the pedagogical method that works best for you and your students.

Enhanced Teacher-Student Interaction

Speak your student’s digital language and enhance your connection through Learni.

Collaborative Learning

Efficiently create lessons tailored to your students’ individual or collective paces.

Enjoyable Teaching & Learning Experience

With Learni, students and teachers make the educucational experience more enjoyable.

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Be a Part of a Community

Learni’s advanced social platform gives way for building both a school community and a teacher community.

Your School Community

Learni’s social community allows teachers and students to communicate and discuss learning material at any time. Teachers can also keep parents informed on their child’s progress and class participation.

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Teacher Community

With Learni’s teacher community, educators from all around the world can safely share and discuss their bestlearning material with one another. Follow your favorite teachers and easily share your best learning insights.

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Local Support

A local network of dedicated account managers will provide you with teacher training, professional development and efficient implementation of the Learni solution. Through exchange of valuable feedback with our local help desk, we will continuously improve our solution for you.

The Eshel Elementary School Success Story

Discover how Learni addressed Eshel Elementary School’s current challenges in education, created meaningful learning, and gave teachers the tools to be more efficient and less overloaded.

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One of the schools above could be yours. Let’s make your school a Learni success story.

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